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Sun Screen

We can salvage your screen doors by replacing the hinges, handles, plungers, and other equipment. If you would like to replace your screen door instead, let us come out and see what we can do for you.


Florida Glass

Florida Glass is considered a privacy screen. It can be used to build privacy between you and the neighbors, or your enclosure and the street. It is semi-waterproof so it has additional benefits as well, keeping dirt and rain from your pool deck.


Phifer Glass

Double Decker Screen Repair only uses Phifer Glass screen for our screen products. Why does this matter? It matters because Phifer Glass is the highest quality screen that you can use for an enclosure, excluding specialty screens. 

pool enclosure screen repair

Insect Screen

Our 20/20 insect screen can keep the bugs away! This screen is crucial for homes that have no see-ums, and can also help with homes that accumulate pine needles on top of their enclosure.


Tuff Screen

Tuff Screen is best known to be used in homes that are close to a golf course. It can protect your pool from flying golf balls, frantic pets, and just about anything else you can throw at it! Call us today to see a sample of this product.


Pet Screen

Pet Screen is a great option for homeowners with cats who like to climb, or dogs that like to scratch. It is a durable nylon screen that can handle your pets, and their claws.

pool screen enclosure
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